So your nonprofit has a Facebook page, now what? Tips on what to post

The first thing you want to do is develop a plan. While creating that plan here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t link your Facebook feed to your twitter account.
    Aside from the fact that people who follow you on both platforms deserve to see different content, Twitter and Facebook have very different audiences.
  1. Post things other than news about your organization.
    Share links to recent studies that point out successes in your field, share a heartwarming news article, or wish people a safe and happy weekend; what you post doesn’t needto be just about you. Give your audience a reason to follow you on Facebook, provide them with something they can’t find anywhere else.
  1. Have a variety of posts
    It may be obvious that different people like different things, this applies to posts as well.  Try your hand at posting a funny photo, fill in the _____, poll or quiz, or a fun fact of the day. Be sure to keep track of your popular types of posts with facebook’s insights.
  1. Have a call to action in some of your posts.
    Words like tell us, share, and like not only help start interactions on your Facebook page, the increase the number of people who see your posts. And, don’t always ask people to “like this if…,” Try to keep calls to action to 20% or less of your posts, you don’t want to annoy your fans.
  1. Respond to comments on your posts.
    Let people know that you are listening by commenting on or hitting ‘like’ on replies to your posts. Also, you can make it personable by including your name and contact information. Pages who interact with their fans get more out of Facebook.
  1. Don’t forget to credit your donors.
    If you are hoping to use your Facebook page to raise funds, let your donors know how they are helping. This can be done tastefully!  When sharing news about your organization you can end your posts with statements like “We couldn’t have done it with out you!” or “Thanks to your donations, we were able to…”

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