5 ways to grow your Pinterest followers


Pinterest is a way for your nonprofit to reach people that you may not otherwise be in contact with. If you keep that in mind when creating your boards you will already be more successful than many nonprofits on Pinterest. This means that you shouldn’t use this medium simply for self promotion; Doing so won’t help you to reach new audiences.

1. Give people something to follow, make it unique, and make sure it’s related to your non-profit. What is your non-profit’s strongest area? Does your nonprofit run a successful after school program for teens? Create a board with teen appropriate after school activities.  Does your organization provide homes for animals?  Have a board full of interesting items or tips for improving a household pet’s well-being.

Take this even further and use Pinterest to increase traffic to your organization’s website. Create a place on your website for a blog or a resource center. Every time you update it, pin it. If it’s worth while information people will read and share it, and they may even explore your website.

2. Follow people with similar boards. When you follow other ‘pinners’ it calls attention to your Pinterest account. People frequently follow the boards of those that follow them, and pinners are much more likely to follow you if you offer something they are interested in. Have a goal to follow 15 new people who you have something in common with each week.

3. Pin regularly. Adding pins to your boards on a steady basis will help you gain more followers than sitting idle.  The more pins that you create from the web the better, rather that ‘re-pinning’.  When people re-pin something  that was originally pinned by you, your organization is shown as the original source of the pin.  With more pins floating out there on Pinterst, it is more likely that people will see your organization.

Also, don’t try to play catch-up and pin large amounts in one sitting, this is a sure-fire way to have people un-follow you.  If you are flooding someone’s Pinterest homepage they don’t get to see a variety of pins, it is the same thing that happens when people post too often on Facebook and lose followers.

4. Comment on content. If you see a great pin, make it known. There is a lot of junk out there on Pinterest, by helping others find the good stuff you are helping your organization. When you add informative comments to a pin, it lets others know you know what you’re talking about, helps them filter through the thousands of pins, and helps get your name out there.

The sooner you do this the better. Your comment can be seen by the followers of the pinner, but as more pins are added fewer people will see it.

5. Describe your pins accurately and make it entertaining. You need to give your followers more than just the title of the article you pinned. Let them know why you picked this pin to share and be creative while doing it.

Don’t forget to make a habit of rewriting a pin’s description and checking a pin’s link before you re-pin.  You are here to be a trusted source for information and not to simply copy what someone else has done.

You need to earn your followers’ respect and become a resource that they want to share.


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