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5 ways to grow your Pinterest followers

Pinterest is a way for your nonprofit to reach people that you may not otherwise be in contact with. If you keep that in mind when creating your boards you will already be more successful than many nonprofits on Pinterest. This means that you shouldn’t use this medium simply for self promotion; Doing so won’t help you to reach new …

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So your nonprofit has a Facebook page, now what? Tips on what to post

The first thing you want to do is develop a plan. While creating that plan here are a few things to keep in mind: Don’t link your Facebook feed to your twitter account. Aside from the fact that people who follow you on both platforms deserve to see different content, Twitter and Facebook have very different …

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Social Media for nonprofits: 5 questions to answer before you get started

The first step for a nonprofit using social media is to create a plan! Many organizations have no budget for social media and have limited time to spend; this is even more of a reason to make the most of your time and create a plan.  Here are 5 questions to ask before you begin: 1. …

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